Sunday, October 7, 2012

SUPER Kiddo!

A SUPER big brother just turned 3 and this called for a big celebration. We weren't able to make his party, but got to watch this super kid open his gift before we headed out of town. 

It isn't very frequent that the hubby helps with a sewing/craft project, but here is proof he helped out with this one. 

Matthew did a great job designing and cutting the SUPER Hayden logo! I sewed it on with my fave stitch!

Even the back looked pretty. 

All done!


SUPER flying powers included with the new cape!

Happy Birthday little H, hope it was as SUPER as you are!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally! A Bathroom Remodel

After 5 years of living in our little house and NOT using our master bathroom shower, I finally used EVERY component of my master bath tonight! Whoop!

This project started this summer when we finally decided enough-is-enough and got the project rolling. Before the photos, let's talk dimensions. The footprint of the master bath is 5'0" x 5'6". Really freakin tiny! It's hard to take photos when you can't step back far enough.

Here are a few before photos:

Before vanity. Fancy eh?

Before shower. Leaky floor, not used in 5 years...

Before toilet. Had to squeeze by the vanity and shower to get to it. Oh yeah, sweet stick on tile, huh?
 Let's get going on demolition! (we paid someone to do the dirty work...)

During demo. Had to sledge out the shower floor. 

Gutting the shower walls. 

Down to the subfloor and all clean. Subfloor was also replaced. 

Shower all cleaned up. 

Vanity and tile, gone! I like my medicine cabinet, so it got to stay. 
This was a MOMENTOUS occasion! See that plug in? Yes! I have a plug in now!

Plug in and patched up wall.

Tiled vanity backsplash (raised drain line too). 

Picking out a color for the walls. 
 Now time for the finishing touches. We couldn't find a shower curtain rod for the corner shower (well not for under $500) so we bought a bendable one on Amazon. Little time consuming to install, but we like it so far.

My boys hanging up the shower curtain rod. 

Yes, even the 6'6" tall hubby is too short sometimes :)
 All done!

New shower!

Shower floor. No curbs!

New toilet (which I love because the seat will not slam!)

Close up of vanity and backsplash. 

Bendable shower rod. 

Tis the season! Well almost. 

New light fixture. So bright!

Ahhhh, feels good to be done.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Croatia Futbol Inspired Bag

My wonderful friend is from Croatia and happens to be amazing at soccer and is a soccer fanatic. For her birthday, I wanted to make her something unique, yet functional and wanted it to be far from girly. My inspiration was the Croatia Futbol team jersey.

No way was I going to find red/white checkered fabric so I got busy making some. The bag is a very simple tote with handles and a pocket inside. 

I mailed the bag this week despite that her birthday was like three weeks ago. I can't WAIT for her to get it!

Hope you had a very festive -- middle of the week -- Fourth of July!