Saturday, November 5, 2011

better late than never -- Halloween!

Halloween has come and gone and I slacked on sharing our costumes. Can you guess what we are?

Yep, you got it, HOBBITS! Here is a close up of the ears, hair, and beer steins!

Our friend Kerrie had a costume party and let me tell you what, it is nearly impossible to win "best costume" at this party because the costumes are fantastic! This photo shows off my husband, the tallest Hobbit EVER!

Great costumes by the Society of Women Engineers - Central New Mexico Section.

A few of the awesome friends I work with. 

My friend Lauren was dressed up as a character from the movie Resident Evil and her husband was a zombie. This is the look she was going for:

She did a great job compiling the costume and I helped her alter a red dress she had. She looks just like her character! 

And specifically for Grandma, Jakob the werewolf!

And just because my husband says I never post photos of him and our son Jakob. Love you guys!

Hope you had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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