Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a lovely Easter weekend visiting family. My hubby surprised me with a cute egg he dyed. Check it out!

And the funniest part of the weekend, confetti eggs! Whoever came up with these is an absolute genius!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Probably the Best Earrings EVER!

Many friends of mine don't even know I have a brother so apparently I need to brag about him more. My bro is super cool and extremely talented. He is ridiculously crafty and can seriously make ANYTHING. One weekend while visiting, I bugged him to make me two of these tiny scorpions he makes out of copper wire. While my dad has like a 10-inch scorpion, I wanted tiny ones out of crafting wire. Well the next morning he handed them off.

I was stoked. I wanted to make earrings out of these awesome scorpions. Finally, today I cropped off all the long straggly wire and worked with the scorpions so that the poky and raw edges were all hidden. I put on some earring hooks and whaaalaaaaa. The most awesome earrings ever were created. Here are some photos of my new earrings made from my bros scorpions!

Happy "Good" Friday! Have a wonderful weekend and super Easter! xoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last year my hubby and I were tree shopping and we each had requirements for the new tree. His #1 requirement was "no fruit"! My #1 requirement was a little different....I wanted a tree that bloomed in the spring and didn't drop anything sticky, poky, or just plain annoying. We came across a Purple Robe Locust at a local nursery and agreed that it was the perfect addition to our backyard. 

One year later, it is loaded with blooms and looks gorgeous! 

Some of the branches were sagging because they were so loaded with flowers. Here are some close up shots.

Hope your yard is full of spring blooms! xoxo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Recycled Plastic + Fabric Scrap Earrings

I am a huge fan of taking what would have been garbage and making it into something useful, wearable, or just plain better than it was. As of late, we call this "upcycling". Guess I learned this from my mom as she has been "upcycling" things as long as I can remember, there just wasn't a term for it back then. 

Recently, my new favorite type of upcycling is taking plastic (#1 works best) and Mod Podging one cloth circle to each side of the plastic. Trimming them up nicely and adding several layers of Mod Podge until the earrings are nice and stiff Huge earrings have been my fave lately (this is recent to the last year or so) so I made a few funky pairs to wear. I rocked the orange ones at Sommer's birthday party and then left them for her to have. 

I am gearing up to send stuff to a craft show in Amarillo in two weeks so along with lots of bottle cap and button earrings I will have some cloth/plastic earrings. Here are a few that are ready to go.  

I will be adding any that don't sell to my Etsy site.

Hope your Monday was a good one. Mine was actually quite good!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Skull Earrings! and Pickle!

My awesome  little cousin Dillon, aka "Pickle", was visiting us last week while he participated in the state Geography BEE.Yeah I know, awesome right?! He did great and got to take home some cool prizes. Before they left we went for a stroll in Old Town before lunch. He had his own money (keep in mind he is 10) and went shopping in a HUGE store with lots of New Mexico fun inside.

He surprised me with these great skull beads with a flower painted on top. He bought himself a little cactus and bought my mother a "Grow Your Own Boyfriend". Hilarious since my parents are happily married and my dad was with us! I made the earrings this week and am so excited to show him the final product. Thanks Pickle!

My beautiful aunt Lisa had also picked our a pair of skull beads. I loved the greens on these so added some color coordinating beads. Thanks Lisa and congratulations on raising such a smart little Pickle!

Sorry ladies, these cutie earrings are not fore sale! (However, I'd be happy to make you some!)

PS - Here is the awesome Pickle playing with the camera on my computer!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Decorated Terra Cotta and Great Pizza

I have been pretty busy (bet you've never heard that before) so am behind on crafting and blogging (the real priorities right...). A few weeks ago I bought some cute fat quarters from Hip Stitch to make clutches with. I used some scraps to dress up this flower pot (with Mod Podge of course) that I was using to transplant my azalea. It turned out pretty good so I decorated 3 more pots for my sis to use in her bathroom (forgot to take pics...). Now if only the darn thing would bloom! 

We drove through Trinidad, CO last weekend on our way home from Pueblo. Stopped at a cute pizza joint called Bella Luna Pizzaria. The pizza was AMAZING! Topped with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, feta, sliced tomatoes, and onions (it was called the Luna). Anway, if you happen upon Trinidad, stop and enjoy the pizza and beer. Here is quick photo I took outside of Bella Luna because I loved how all of the bricks in the sidewalk marked the town's name.

We then learned about the underground tunnel system in downtown Trinidad where Al Capone & his maffia buddies would vacation. I so wanted to see these tunnels, but I guess they are all blocked off. 

Finally, on the drive home I captured my sparrow necklace swinging on the mirror and thought it looked awesome with the clouds and sunrays behind it. 

Hope you had a good (well...not tooooo painful) Monday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bubble Clutch!

I didn't have time to sew much this weekend, so today cranked out a cute bubble clutch. It is now available in my Etsy Shop! Don't forget to use my free shipping code from this blog!

Spring Yard

We have worked a little on the yard, getting it ready for spring/summer, but haven't really started planting anything. I captured a few photos today in the 5 minutes I spent outside...(my allergies were sooooo bad yesterday after visiting Old Town, that I couldn't bare be outside in the 50 mph winds).

Here is a glimpse at the spring flowers blooming around my yard!







Hope you had a great weekend!