Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Skull Earrings! and Pickle!

My awesome  little cousin Dillon, aka "Pickle", was visiting us last week while he participated in the state Geography BEE.Yeah I know, awesome right?! He did great and got to take home some cool prizes. Before they left we went for a stroll in Old Town before lunch. He had his own money (keep in mind he is 10) and went shopping in a HUGE store with lots of New Mexico fun inside.

He surprised me with these great skull beads with a flower painted on top. He bought himself a little cactus and bought my mother a "Grow Your Own Boyfriend". Hilarious since my parents are happily married and my dad was with us! I made the earrings this week and am so excited to show him the final product. Thanks Pickle!

My beautiful aunt Lisa had also picked our a pair of skull beads. I loved the greens on these so added some color coordinating beads. Thanks Lisa and congratulations on raising such a smart little Pickle!

Sorry ladies, these cutie earrings are not fore sale! (However, I'd be happy to make you some!)

PS - Here is the awesome Pickle playing with the camera on my computer!

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