Monday, April 11, 2011

Decorated Terra Cotta and Great Pizza

I have been pretty busy (bet you've never heard that before) so am behind on crafting and blogging (the real priorities right...). A few weeks ago I bought some cute fat quarters from Hip Stitch to make clutches with. I used some scraps to dress up this flower pot (with Mod Podge of course) that I was using to transplant my azalea. It turned out pretty good so I decorated 3 more pots for my sis to use in her bathroom (forgot to take pics...). Now if only the darn thing would bloom! 

We drove through Trinidad, CO last weekend on our way home from Pueblo. Stopped at a cute pizza joint called Bella Luna Pizzaria. The pizza was AMAZING! Topped with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, feta, sliced tomatoes, and onions (it was called the Luna). Anway, if you happen upon Trinidad, stop and enjoy the pizza and beer. Here is quick photo I took outside of Bella Luna because I loved how all of the bricks in the sidewalk marked the town's name.

We then learned about the underground tunnel system in downtown Trinidad where Al Capone & his maffia buddies would vacation. I so wanted to see these tunnels, but I guess they are all blocked off. 

Finally, on the drive home I captured my sparrow necklace swinging on the mirror and thought it looked awesome with the clouds and sunrays behind it. 

Hope you had a good (well...not tooooo painful) Monday!

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