Friday, April 22, 2011

Probably the Best Earrings EVER!

Many friends of mine don't even know I have a brother so apparently I need to brag about him more. My bro is super cool and extremely talented. He is ridiculously crafty and can seriously make ANYTHING. One weekend while visiting, I bugged him to make me two of these tiny scorpions he makes out of copper wire. While my dad has like a 10-inch scorpion, I wanted tiny ones out of crafting wire. Well the next morning he handed them off.

I was stoked. I wanted to make earrings out of these awesome scorpions. Finally, today I cropped off all the long straggly wire and worked with the scorpions so that the poky and raw edges were all hidden. I put on some earring hooks and whaaalaaaaa. The most awesome earrings ever were created. Here are some photos of my new earrings made from my bros scorpions!

Happy "Good" Friday! Have a wonderful weekend and super Easter! xoxo