Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yippy, it's New Years!

Wow, I didn't write a single blog in the month of December...sad...

It's official, 2011 flew by and 2012 is already here. Since I didn't really have a New Year's resolution last year, I thought I would do one this year. Back in 2008 my resolution was to not buy any new clothes for a year. It was fun, but I over did it in 2009 and splurged. This year, I'm doing it differently. I'm not going to buy any NEW clothes. That means I can make clothes and/or upcycle or modify thrifted clothes. Fun! I'm already excited about it.

I worked half days for the last week and actually had some time to get some sewing done, what fun it has been. Today I made a Bee Skirt (tutorial/pattern by Whipstitch) out of some Etchings by Moda fabric in charcoal.

I loved the gray, but wanted a splash of color so added the burnt orange trim on the bottom and used it on the inside of the waist band.Overall, I thought the skirt came out great, just one problem. I didn't read the instructions (figure that...) and taped the pattern together overlapping the pages so the lines matched up. UGH! The skirt came out too small because of this.

Since I had nothing else to do today (ha), I made a second one.

The second one is much closer to the size I needed. Now what the heck to do with the one that is too small? If you wear a size 4ish and [REALLY] like the skirt, let me know. Looks like my husband's cousin Elizabeth and I will We can be twins some time :)

Here are some detailed photos of the skirt.

Happy happy New Year to you and yours!

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