Sunday, February 26, 2012

great use for crappy socks!

I bought some super cute socks at Walgreen's one night when I just needed something to cover up my ankle brace (that I also bought at Walgreen's because I couldn't stand sitting out of my sand volleyball game even when my ankle was still swollen...). The socks were cheap, completely sucked, but were adorable.

Welp, this my friends, is the perfect opportunity to turn some cute (crappy) socks in a precious little sock monkey! I found a tutorial online [there are a gazillion sock monkey tutorials so no need to write another...] and went to town!

Her legs are too long and ears are weird, but I still think she turned out cute. My hubby asked if he could keep her so now she watches him play on the computer...

I embroidered an M on her butt with a heart (not sure if you could tell what that was...)

Next time you have a crappy pair of funky socks, you know what to do!

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