Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Flower Fun

I was very fortunate to play a small role in a gorgeous wedding two weekends ago. A friend of mine asked me to help them out with the flowers for their special day and I was ecstatic to get the ball rolling! A few online searches and scoping out bulk flower sites were much needed to get ideas. The bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful jade color so I wanted the flowers to be light colors so they would really stand out.

The selection: anastasia spider mums, dahlias, and roses.

I made a prototype bouquet then a few of the bridesmaids helped make more. We needed 8 bridesmaid bouquets, 1bridal bouquet, 1 bouquet to toss, 17 boutonnieres (wow that word is impossible to spell...), and 5 corsages. Whew!

Here are some bridesmaid action shots!

The bride showing off the handy Eagles storage container!

Baby S playing with a spider mum! Isn't he adorable! He also got the tiniest boutonniere. 

The finished bridal bouquet!

A detail shot of the ribbon wrapping and the "I Do" charm.

Some of the finished boutonnieres, the stems were wrapped with wire to give it a masculine touch. The flowers were done in a hotel room without a ton of planning so we made due with containers that we could find.

Storing the finished bridesmaids bouquets in ice buckets! 

And finally, the finished product! Don't these ladies look stunning!

Photo By Vanessa Sanchez
The boutonnieres looked great too; however, only fake flowers would have withstood the ridiculous amounts of dancing that would later come...

Hope your summer has been filled with fun weddings, mine sure has!

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