Monday, August 8, 2011

BIG Flowers

A few weeks ago -- oh wait it’s been months -- I tried to make a felt flower pillow and faired to be pretty successful. Of course the mother of mine LOVED the pillow and begged for one. Well lucky for her, her birthday was right around the corner so I went shopping and found felt in every color possible (felt is so cheap, so you can buy tons!). I wanted to make a pair of pillows to match her guest bedroom which is decorated in bright colors—mostly turquoise and red.

I found two old pillows in her junk stash (extra bedroom closet) and used the pillow forms for her new pillows. The canvas-type home dec that I found went with her décor perfectly. She was beyond excited when I delivered her new pillows, despite the fact they were about a month late…

Happy Birthday Mom (again!)!

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