Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage snaps

When you sew, people love to give you sewing stuff...really old sewing stuff. Today my mom gave me a box of vintage snaps that previously belonged to my great grandma.

There are way more snaps in here now than came in the $1.00 box (a dozen). The $1.00 price included the tools. I think you can get like 12 sets of snaps for $7.00 at Joanns, eeek!

Red! Awesome!

Even "laundryproof!". Didn't they hand wash back then? Hope they are machine-wash proof!

And just for fun...Speedbump hanging out beneath the tomatoes. Cute!

Last, but NOT least. Congrats to my hubby for passing the A+ certification exams today. Way to go, babe!

It's June. Schools out. It's hot outside.

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