Sunday, July 8, 2012

Croatia Futbol Inspired Bag

My wonderful friend is from Croatia and happens to be amazing at soccer and is a soccer fanatic. For her birthday, I wanted to make her something unique, yet functional and wanted it to be far from girly. My inspiration was the Croatia Futbol team jersey.

No way was I going to find red/white checkered fabric so I got busy making some. The bag is a very simple tote with handles and a pocket inside. 

I mailed the bag this week despite that her birthday was like three weeks ago. I can't WAIT for her to get it!

Hope you had a very festive -- middle of the week -- Fourth of July!


  1. I am so impressed! That's a lot of squares! :)

    1. thanks mandie! i used the super quick trick of sewing strips together, cutting perpendicular into more strips, then staggering so you have checkers! easy peasy!