Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cute Clutches Continued

I was so excited after the first two clutches I made, that I made two more this last week. Cutting pieces here and there and finally buying some zippers so that I could assemble them. I made these two entirely out of fabric scraps that I had laying around...yes literally laying under and around my sewing table.

Fun! The owl clutch surely shows off my awful stitching. Both of my machines are in dyer need of some TLC...I promise I can sew a straight line. Going to see if my Pa can give my machines a tune up this weekend.


  1. Sarah - Your right brain REALLY does work (mine rarely does - hell I can barely see out of my right eye {lazy eye}). I saw these when you showed to me the other day but was in work brain at that moment. I actually went back to your cube after our lunch to admire your 'clutches'. VERY NICE! I don't know what "Select profile" below means so im just gonna choose one

  2. Hey Sarah! I have been looking for a clutch that has a little wrist strap (since mine broke). Maybe it's not technically a clutch anymore, but sometimes you need two hands! Anyway, I thought maybe we could get together and you could help me make one.