Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yoga in Style

I was looking for a pattern for a bag for my yoga mat and mentioned so at the January ABQ Modern Sewing Guild meeting at Hipstitch last month. There just so happened to be a yoga mat bag right there in the studio that was made from a great Amy Butler pattern. I loved the pattern except for the large pocket around the bottom half of the bag. I'll admit that it looks cute, but doesn't really serve a purpose. So my bag has a smaller pocket toward the top for keys, id card, phone, etc. After taking a peek at some bags at Target tonight (~$26.99), I thought my bag (1 yard of heavy fabric and 1 yard of a lining fabric) for a total cost of about $6 (sale plus old fabric) + 2 hours of time was well worth it.

Since the pattern has such a great tutorial, I really don't need to elaborate. So here are some photos of the final product!

PS - Big thanks to Tandy for making me read my sewing machine manual! 

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