Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Bag 'O Beads

As previously blogged about...I went to a little bead/thrift shop in Angel Fire and picked up a little bag of beads. Here is a quick snapshot of all the beads I was able to stuff into my little 2-inch bag. 

May or may not seem like a lot to you, but I kind of think its a lot considering I picked 'em all out by hand. On the right of the photo above, you will see the green collage earrings I started with some of the beads.

So over a cup of joe on Saturday morning, I created the green collage earrings and think they turned out super cute. In fact, a friend wanted to buy them off me immediately! I gladly sold them :)

I was also so proud of myself for learining how to use the "macro" setting w/ LED light on my camera that I practiced on my husband's teeth. 

Lastly, I remade a pair of Santa Fe Brewing cap earrings with some large red beads since an older pair broke on me. Now they really stand out!

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