Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thrift Store Find

I absolutely love thrift stores! (You probably already know this about me) I love them so much in fact, that this weekend while hanging with friends at a cabin in Angel Fire, Jessie and I went in to town for some shopping and ended up at 2 thrift stores! One was actually a bead/jewelry/thrift store and the other was genuinely thrifty!

At the bead/jewelry/thrift store I picked up a little bag of beads (all you can stuff for $4.5, yay!) and an awesome bright yellow sweater. Turns out, the sweater was from the 1940s and was owned by the first licensed Dr. in Missouri, sweet! Some awesome lady's sweater!

At the truley thrifty thrift store I found a bag of 500+ precut 4x4 inch squares of totally random fabric. Now when I am bored, I can sew forever and ever and make a nice big quilt. Fun stuff. Never owned so much hideous fabric, but there were a few charming squares in the bunch. See below!

1 comment:

  1. *so jealous!!!*
    (of the fabric, not the bound-to-be-hideous sweater...*grin*)