Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Ruffles

Our sand volleyball (or beach volleyball as we like to call it) team had a Beach Party to celebrate both my hubby's birthday and the engagement of two of our teammates. My hubby and I hit the thrift stores in search for "beach party" attire. I found this very fun floral dress (2nd from right). 

I also found this very cute Ann Taylor Loft dress for $9. 

I loved the ruffles and loved how it was made of horizontal strips of fabric. 

It was a size or two to big, but I didn't care! It was only big around the bust so I took two pleats and turned them into two seams that would make it about 2 inches narrower. I was worried that it would pull the dress too much toward the back, but it actually looks just fine on. 

I had to remove the top trim to do this, but after I made it smaller I put the trim right back on and whabam it's done!

New dress to wear on my vacation to California! One more reason (actually two) why I L.O.V.E. thrift stores!


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