Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Project = Curtains + DS Clutch

A coworker of mine wanted to surprise her granddaughter with some super fun curtains to match her new room decor. She grew out of the "princess" phase and her bedroom got a facelift! She bought two blackout panels and wanted me to embellish them with zebra print and turquoise fabric. Cute fabric, however, not that easy to sew! When I pulled out the panels, I was shocked to see how big they were...check em out.

Trying to line up and pin down the slinky turquoise fabric!

Holy schnikeees! This curtain is long....way longer than my dining room table! 

Two panels completely done. Quite a chore using these "challenging" fabrics (the zebra print was a knit of some sort, lots of stretch to it, ugh). But yay, they look great in her bedroom. I got to see a cute video of how they look in the room!

And for a little surprise, she got a "clutch" to hold her Nintendo DS and it matches her room as well.

Lookie! It holds 10 games. Five on each side (I used my hubby's games to figure out how big to make each slot). 

This photo is merely to show off how desperate my hubby was a few years ago to get me to play video games. He bought me Ultimate Frisbee & Disc Golf game for the DS. LOL, he is awesome, but I still don't play video games....

(PS - if you know me, this game is probably the best attempt at getting me to play video games as I am a Frisbee loving lady)

Hope you had a happy 1st of May! What a crazy day it was...wind/rain/snow you name it! I am already looking forward to later in the week when I can plant all of the flowers/veggies that I bought yesterday!

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