Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cloth Napkins

We did a cloth napkin exchange at the sewing guild meeting last night. It was a lot of fun except I basically made my napkins twice and didn't finish until 11:00 Monday night! I didn't post a photo of them because after making them once 20x20 and hating them, cutting them down to 16x16, and making them again, I was SICK of looking at them.

Instead, I am posting a photo of the awesome napkins my friend Kerrie made. Since we were the only two that participated in the exchange, we just swapped with each other. And it was not much of a surprise, since we each had already showed off our napkins to each other.

Mandie wasn't up for finishing her napkins so she passed them off to me. Not the easiest fabric to try and miter corners with, but at least I am trying! Will bring 'em next time Mandie! Just in case you are interested in making some cloth napkins, Skip To My Lou has a great tutorial here!

I picked up this cute deep blue owl fabric a few weeks ago and made a zipper clutch. Will be posting this on my Etsy site soon!

Happy HumpDay!


  1. Your friend Kerrie must be really talented! Those are some sweet looking napkins :)

  2. Oops! Sorry about the bad fabric! ;)