Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Getting Warm Outside!

A few weeks ago, I discovered the wonderful world of Spin Class. This incredibly intense cycling class will kick your butt! I have gone to about 6 or 7 classes and completely love it. It is a hard core work out that makes me feel accomplished after an hour. Well it has started to warm up and my bike has been calling my name. I have never been a big time cyclist but last year when I was choosing a new bike, I fell in love with this one (mine has a handle bar basket)...

If you are convinced that biking around town is not for you, you have never sat on a bike like this. It very comfy (especially the seat) and is as smooth as silk to ride. Also, a bike with gears is a must! I can't imagine people that try to ride fixed speed bikes in Albuquerque! UGH! Yay for getting outside and riding your bike. With the gas prices these can't go wrong on your bike! Have an active weekend! Burn calories, not gas!

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